A short turn-based RPG game where you will do only one thing: BATTLE!


How to Play

Mouse:  (Left Click) - OK/Confirm          (Right Click) - Cancel/Enter Menu

Keyboard:  Go to "Options" --> "Keyboard Config" for configuration

Smartphone:  (Single Tap) - OK/Confirm          (Tap with two fingers) - Cancel/Enter Menu


Warning: This game requires a device which support WebGL 2.0 for optimal performance. If you are not sure if your device supports it, please visit the website webglreport.com for more information. 
If you are playing the game on an old device, the game may run slow. To fix this you can try to turn "ON" the "Synch Monitor FPS" in the "Options" menu.
However this option may also crash your game, so GOOD LUCK!!! 

Development log